DTA2010 was held in Takayama, Japan from 29-31 July 2010


Original program

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Local organising committee


Masao Kuwahara (University of Tokyo/Tohoku University, Japan)

Regional Members

Takashi Akamatsu (Tohoku University, Japan)
Yasuo Asakura (Kobe University, Japan
Motohiro Fujita (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
William H. K. Lam (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China)
Takuya Maruyama (Kumamoto University, Japan)
Yukimasa Matsumoto (Meijo University, Japan)
Shoshi Mizokami (Kumamoto University, Japan)
Se-il Mun (Kyoto University, Japan)
Agachai Sumalee (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China)
Jun-ichi Takayama Kanazawa (University, Japan)
Ken-etsu Uchida (Hokkaido University, Japan)
S. C. Wong (University of Hong Kong, China)
Toshio Yoshii (Kyoto University, Japan)

Local organising committee

Fumitaka Kurauchi (Gifu University, Japan)
Shoichiro Nakayama (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Takamasa Iryo (Kobe University, Japan)

Presented papers

A General Methodology and a Free Software for the Calibration of DTA
Models Gunnar Flötteröd 

Dynamic Origin-Destination Estimation in Congested Networks
Rodric Frederix, Chris M.J. Tampère, Francesco Viti

Punctuality-Based Dynamic Travel Choice Modeling
Barbara W.Y. Siu, Hong K. Lo

Reliability-Based Departure Time User Equilibrium
Hao Li, Michiel Bliemer, Huizhao Tu

Computing Dynamic User Equilibria with Alternative Network Loading Models
Terry L. Friesz, Taeil Kim, Ilsoo Lee

Staggered Work Hours: a Bi-Level Model and the Role of Incentives
Wilfredo F. Yushimito, Xuegang (Jeff) Ban, José Holguín-Veras

Integrating Aspects of Unreliability in a Schedule-Based Transit Assignment Model
Normen Rochau, Klaus Noekel, Michael G. H. Bell

Dynamic Traffic Equilibrium Model for Dynamic Pricing and Road Capacity Allocation Scheme
Renxin Zhong, Agachai Sumalee, Takuya Maruyama, Paramet Luathep

Verification of the Area Ramp Metering Control Strategy Using Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram
Toshio Yoshii, Kosuke Endo

Implementation of Optimized Traffic Assignment in Disaster Relief: the Effectiveness of Evacuation Instructions and Blocking Roads
Olga Huibregtse, Andreas Hegyi, Serge Hoogendoorn

Discriminated Discounts Based on ETC to Improve Highway Bottleneck Congestion
Takaji Suzuki

Online Dynamic Traffic Assignment for Predictive Traffic Management through Information Supply and Pricing
Jing Dong, Hani S. Mahmassani

Formulation of a Risk-Averse Dynamic Traffic Assignment
Solmaz Haji Hosseinloo, Michael G. H. Bell

Dynamic Equilibrium Assignment Convergence by En-Route Flow Smoothing
Adam J. Pel, Michiel C.J. Bliemer, Serge P. Hoogendoorn

Selecting Potentially Optimal Routes through Optimistic and Pessimistic
Node Potentials
Achille Fonzone, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Michael G. H. Bell

Empirical Macroscopic Evaluation of Freeway Merge-Ratios
Hillel Bar-Gera, Soyoung Ahn

Isolated Signalized Intersections in Dynamic Traffic Assignment
Michal Blumberg Nitzani, Hillel Bar-Gera, Ilya Gertsbakh

A Differentiable Dynamic Network Loading Model That Yields Queue Length Distributions and Accounts for Spillback
Carolina Osorio, Gunnar Flötteröd, Michel Bierlaire

Implementation of a Single Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model on Mixed
Urban and Highway Transport Networks Including Junction Modelling
M. P. H. Raadsen, H. E. Mein, M. P. Schilpzand, F. Brandt

Dynamic Continuum Modeling Approach to Urban Traffic Equilibrium
Yanqun Jiang, S.C. Wong, H.W. Ho, Peng Zhang, Runxun Liu, Agachai Sumalee

On Two Stable States of Time-Varying Traffic Flow on Signalised
Y. E. Ge, Xizhao Zhou

Stochastic Cell Transmission Model for Traffic Network with Demand and
Supply Uncertainties
Agachai Sumalee, Renxin Zhong, Tianlu Pan, Takamasa Iryo, William H.K. Lam

The Stochastic Cell Transmission Model Considering Spatial and
Temporal Correlations for Traffic States Prediction
Tianlu Pan, Agachai Sumalee, Renxin Zhong, Nobuhiro Uno

Network Performance Degeneration in Dynamic Network Loading Models
Wouter Schakel, Olga Huibregtse, Serge Hoogendoorn

Introducing Lanes and Lane-Changing in a Cell-Transmission Model
Chandra Balijepalli, Malachy Carey, David Watling

A Graph Theoretical Combinatorial Algorithm and Dual Approximation
Scheme for Large-Scale Dynamic Traffic Assignment Calibration
Steven T. Waller, R. Kumar, N. Nezamuddin

Modeling the Day-to-Day Traffic Evolution Process after an Unexpected
Network Disruption
Xiaozheng He, Henry X. Liu

An Experimental Study of Effects of Travel Time Distribution Information
on Dynamic Route Choice Behavior
Mitsuhisa Tanaka, Nobuhiro Uno, Yasuhiro Shiomi, YoongHo Ahn

An Evolutionary Approach to Dynamic Traffic Congestion Control:
Implementing Tradable Network Permits Based on Combinatorial Auction
Kentaro Wada, Takashi Akamatsu

Evaluating Network Performance Using Different Dynamic Traffic Models
within a DTA Framework
Isaak Yperman, M. Snelder

Detector Placement Optimisation Based on DTA and Empirical Data
Tian Jiang, Marc Miska, Masao Kuwahara

Dynamic Route Choice Adjustment Process Using the Log Files of Car
Navigation Systems
Seungjae Lee, Sooil Lee, Hyeokjun Son, Injoon Choi

Comparing the Transient Dynamics and Equilibria of Perturbed Networks
with Differing Structural Properties
John Armstrong, Richard Connors, David Watling

Signal Setting with Demand Assignment: Global Optimization with
Equilibrium Stability Constraints
Giulio E. Cantarella, P. Velona, A. Vitetta

Discretised Vehicle Assignment: Characteristics of Equilibrium Solutions
and Evolution Processes
Takamasa Iryo

Dynamic Process Models for Long-Range Transport Planning
David Watling

The Long Term Behaviour of Day-to-Day Traffic Assignment Models
Mike Smith, Martin L. Hazelton, Hong K. Lo, Giulio E. Cantarella, David Watling

Dynamic Traffic Assignment under Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium: Do
We Need a Paradigm Shift?
Chris M.J. Tampère, Francesco Viti