DTA2010 was held in Leuven, Belgium from 18-20 June 2008


Original program
Submitted papers

Local organising committee


Ben Immers

Committee Members

Chris Tampère
Francesco Viti
Wouter Verbeke
Thomas Verbraken

Presented papers

Day-To-Day Dynamics in Transportation Networks with Signalized Junctions
Giulio Erberto Cantarella

Analysis of Time-Dependent, Marginal Route Travel Times in a Dynamic Network loading Context
David Watling

Dynamic System Optimal Assignments
Ben Heydecker

On the Existence of Pure Nash Equilibrium in Dynamic Traffic Assignments
Takamasa Iryo

A Two-Direction Method for Solving Variable Demand Equilibrium Problems with Capacity Constraints, Queueing Delays and Responsive Traffic Signal Control
Mike Smith

Application of Travel Time Reliability Model in Dynamic Traffic Assignment
Huizhao Tu

On the Price of Anarchy in Dynamic Equilibrium Problems
Satish Ukkusuri

A Semi-Dynamic Model of Traffic Network Equilibrium with Unique Solution
Shoichiro Nakayama

Transit Operator Strategies and Mode Equilibrium Stability
Giulio Erberio Cantarella

A Modeling Framework for RG++; Route Guidance as a Dynamic Traffic Management Measure
Frank Zuurbier

User Equilibrium in Day-To-Day Traffic Dynamics: Stability, Attainability and Attraction Domain
Jing Bie

Study on Dynamic System Optimum Assignment to Establish Marginal Time Equilibrium
Takahiro Tsubota

Route Swap Processes and Convergence Measures in Dynamic Traffic Assignment
Richard Mounce

The Effect of Different Dynamic Network Loading Models in DTA-Based OD-Matrix Estimation Problems
Rodric Frederix

Scheduling of Individual’s Daily Activity-Travel Pattern with Macro-Level Dynamic Network Loading Models
Muhammad Adnan

Continuous Correction Functions for Dynamic Route Choice Algorithms
Shmuel Rahamim

B-Dynamic: An Efficient Algorithm for Dynamic User Equilibrium Assignment in Combined Activity-Travel Model
Gitakrishnan Ramadurai

Pre-Trip and En-Route Route Choice in Time-Varying Networks
Adam J. Pel

Investigating Boundary Issues Arising from Congestion Charging in a Bottleneck Scenario
Kathryn Stewart

A Method of Successive Averages Based Heuristic for Dynamic Congestion Pricing
Dung-Ying Lin

Investigating the Efficiency of a Gradient Approximation Approach for Solution of Dynamic Demand Estimation Problem
Marialisa Nigro

Comparison of Methods for Increasing the Performance of a DUA Computation
Yun-Pang Wang

Comparing Performance and Quality of Traffic Assignment Techniques for Microscopic Road Traffic Simulations
Yun-Pang Wang

Calibration of Mesoscopic Traffic Simulations using Evolutionary Algorithms
Fabrice Marchal

Stochastic Cell Transmission Model under Demand and Supply Uncertainties and its Network Application
Wai Yuen Szeto

The General Link Transmission Model for Dynamic Network Loading and a Comparison with the DUE Algorithm
Guido Gentile

Stochastic Dynamic Network Loading for Travel Time Variability due to Incidents
Ruben Corthout

A Large-Scale Urban Traffic Decision Support System with Dynamic Traffic Assignment
Yusen Chen

Macroscopic Modelling of Intersection Delay with Linearly Decreasing Turn Capacities
Chris Van Hinsbergen

A Graph-Based Formulation for the Multiple Destinations Dynamic Traffic Assignment Problem
Srinivas Peeta

A Fully Disaggregate Approach to the Calibration of Simulation-Based Online DTA
Gunnar Flötteröd

A New Gradient Projection Algorithm for the Dynamic User Equilibrium Problem
Terry Friesz