DTA2012 was held in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts from 04-06 June 2012


Original program

Local organising committee


T. Friesz (Penn State University, USA)

Local organising committee

S. Peeta (Purdue University, USA)
S. Ukkusuri (Purdue University, USA)
J. Ban (RPI, USA)
D. Boyce (Member of Northwestern University, USA)
M. Nie (Northwestern University, USA)
K. Ozbay (Member of Rutgers University, USA)
G. Perakis (Member of MIT, USA)
M. Zhang (Member of UC Davis, USA)

Presented papers

Probability in Traffic: a Challenge for Modelling
Simeon Calvert, Henk Taale, Maaike Snelder, Serge Hoogendoorn 

Linear Programming Formulation for Strategic Dynamic Traffic Assignment
S.Travis Waller, Melissa Duell, David Fajardo, Vinayak Dixit

Multiple Equilibria in a Dynamic Traffic Network in General Settings Takamasa Iryo

Existence and Properties of State Operators in DUE Models
Ke Han, Terry Friesz,Tao Yao

Managing Morning Commute with Tradable Mobility Credits
Yu (Marco) Nie

Dynamic User Equilibrium Based on the Hydrodynamic Model
Terry Friesz, Ke Han, Amir Meimand, Pedro Neto, Tao Yao

A Cell Transmission Model with Lane Changing and Incorporation of Stochastic Demand and Supply Uncertainties for Freeway Traffic State Estimation
Renxin Zhong, Agachai Sumalee, Tianlu Panl, William H.K. Lam

A Network Level DUE Model with an Embedded Cell Transmission Model Satish Ukkusuri, Kien Doan, Lanshan Han

A Case for Advanced Traffic Flow Models in DTA
Ranju Mohan, Gitakrishnan Ramadurai

Lagrangian-based Hydrodynamic Model: Freeway Traffic Estimation
Ke Han, Tao Yao, Terry Friesz

The Cell Transmission Model with Multiple Lanes and Lane-changing
Malachy Carey, David Watling, Chandra Balijepalli

The Dynamics of Traffic Flow, Traffic Routing and Traffic Control
Michael John Smith

Investigating Undesired Spatio and Temporal Boundary Effects of Congestion
Ying-en Ge, Kathryn Stewart, Bingrong Sun, Xuegang (Jeff) Ban

Distributed Signal Control Based on Tradable Network Permits: Design and
Evolutionary Implementation
Kentaro Wada, Takashi Akamatsu

Formulation of a Risk-Aver System Optimal Dynamic Traffic Assignment Solmaz Haji, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Michael G H Bell, Valentina Trozzi 

A Behavioral Model for Dynamic Evacuation Traffic Assignment
Dung-Ying Lin, Bao-Syuan Zou

A Continuous DUE Algorithm Using the Link Transmission Model Nezamuddin Nezamuddin, Stephen Boyles

Convergence of Time Discretization Schemes for Continuous-Time Dynamic
Network Loading Models
Rui Ma, Xuegang (Jeff) Ban, Jong-Shi Pang, Henry Liu

A Semi-Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model with Unique Network Quasi-
Shoichiro Nakayama, Richard Connors

An Anisotropic Discrete Packet Approach for Modeling Traffic Flow in Dynamic Network Loading
Hilmi Berk Celikoglu, Mauro Dell’Orco

Demand-Priority Routing for Dynamic Traffic Assignment in Evacuation Problems
Yu-Ting Hsu, S. Peeta

Integration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Schedule-Based Transit Assignment and Simulation of Congested Multimodal Networks
Alireza Khani, Hyunsoo Noh, Mark Hickman, Yi-Chang Chiu, Brenda Bustillos

Logit-based Congested Transit Assignment Using Hyperpaths on a Scheduled Transit Network
Hyunsoo Noh; Mark Hickman; Alireza Khani

Urban Freight Transportation Planning: A Dynamic Stackelberg Game-Theoretic Approach
Bo Zhang, Tao Yao, Terry Friesz, Hongcheng Liu

Route Choice Model for Public Transport Networks with Passenger Queues and Online Travel Information at Stops
Valentina Trozzi, Michael G. H. Bell, Guido Gentile, Loannis Kaparias

Combining Disaggregate Route Choice Estimation with Aggregate Calibration of a Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model
Moshe Ben-Akiva, Song Gao, Lu Lu, Yang Wen

An Excess-Demand Dynamic Traffic Assignment Approach for Inferring Origin-Destination Demand Matrices in Cell-Based Networks
Chi Xie, Jennifer Duthie

Correcting the Effects of Asymmetric Interactions in Work Trips with Staggered Work Hours
Wilfredo Fernando Yushimito, Xuegang Ban, Jose Holguin-Veras

Large-Scale Simulation-Based Traffic Signal Control
Carolina Osorio, Linsen Chong

Improving the Convergence of Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment
Natalia Ruiz Juri, Michael Levin, Travis Owens, Matthew Pool, S.Travis Waller

Agent-Based Approach for Integrating Departure Time and Dynamic Traffic
Assignment Models
Lei Zhang, Mostafa Mollanejad, Chenfeng Xiong, Shangjiang Zhu

Integrated Agent-Based Dynamic Traffic Simulation Model for Hurricane Evacuation
Satish Ukkusuri, Samiul Hasan, Kien Doan, Rodrigo Mesa-Arango, Binh Luong

On the Stability of a Boundedly Rational Day-to-day Dynamic
Xuan Di, Henry X.Liu, Jong-Shi Pang, Xuegang Ban

Traffic Control in a Day-to-day Dynamical System
Lin Xiao, Hong K Lo

Extending Prospect Theory for Modeling Day-to-day Traffic Dynamics: Risk
Aversion and Equilibrium Stability
Jing Bie, Jaap Vreeswijk, Eric van Berkum

Day-to-Day Dynamics & Equilibrium Stability in a Two-Mode Transport System with Responsive Bus Operator Strategies
Giulio Erberto Cantarella, Pietro Velona, David P. Watling

Modeling and Solving Continuous-Time Instantaneous Dynamic User Equilibria: A Differential Complementarity Systems Approach
Xuegang (Jeff) Ban; Rui Ma, Jong-Shi Pang, Henry Liu

Approximating Time Delays in Solving Continuous-Time Dynamic User Equilibria
Rui Ma; Xuegang (Jeff) Ban, Jong-Shi Pang, Henry Liu

A Comparison of Dynamic User Optimal States with Zero, Fixed and Variable
Ying-en Ge, Bingrong Sun, Xizhao Zhou, Hongjun Michael Zhang, WY

Explicit solution to Vickery’s Model in Continuous-time with Application to DTA
Ke Han, Terry Friesz, Tao Yao, Pedro Neto

A Cell-based Stochastic Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model and Solution Procedure to Capture Endogenous Network Degradation Risks during Evacuations
Jian Li, Kaan Ozbay

Trip-Based Path Algorithms Using Transit Network Hierarchy (TBPATH) Alireza Khani, Mark Hickman, Hyunsoo Noh

Capturing Dependency among Link Boundaries in a Stochastic Network Loading Model
Carolina Osorio, Gunnar Flötteröd

An Intersection-movement-based Dynamic Traffic Assignment Problem Jiancheng Long, Wai Yuen Szeto, Hai-Jun Huang, Ziyou Gao

The Evolution of Driver Route Switching Behaviour in Stochastically Perturbed
James Robert Snowdon, Ben Waterson, Hans Fangohr

Challenges to Stochastic Process Modeling of Transportation Systems
David P. Watling, Giulio E Cantarella

Simultaneous Optimization of Fuel Surcharges and Transit Service Runs in a Multi-Modal Transport Network: a Time-Dependent Activity-Based Approach Zhi-chun Li

Ecological User Equilibrium in Traffic Management
Michael Behrisch, Yun-Pang,  Gunnar Flötteröd, Daniel Krajzewicz, Peter Wagner

Energy-Efficient Traffic Management: a Microscopic Simulation-Based Approach
Carolina Osorio, Kanchana Nanduri

A Sustainable Road Network Design Problem with Land Use Transportation
Interaction over Time
Wai Yuen Szeto, Yu Jiang, Agachai Sumalee, S.C. Wong

Research Experience and Challenges for Integrating Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Activity-Based Models
Yi-Chang Chiu

Impact of Intersection Modeling on Mesoscopic DTA Applications
Jen Duthie, Kyriacos Mouskos, Natalia Ruiz Juri, Karen Karasevich, Wanching Huang

Large-Scale Microscopic Simulation-Base Dynamic Traffic Assignment
Dan Morgan

A Quantitative Comparison of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Modeling Packages for Heterogeneous Traffic Composition
V. S. Parvathy, Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, Michail Xyntarakis

Refining Toll Analyses Through Use of DTA Modeling: the Alaskan Way Viaduct Project in Seattle
Chris Wellander, Michael Mahut, Youssef Dehghani, Andrew Natzel, Michail Xyntarakis